Guides to choosing the best wedding hat

cloche-hatWearing a hat during a wedding can be a tricky thing. It is important to match the hat with the wedding theme, the church, and the dress code if there is any. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important things to consider when choosing a wedding hat.

Hats for the mother of the bride and groom

The mother of the bride and groom plays a very important role in the wedding ceremony. It is important for them to choose a hat that will make them feel and look comfortable. The choice of hat is the one that has a wide brim. However, it is also important to make sure that the hat will not overwhelm them. Although it is a wide-brimmed hat, it is important to see to it that the face is still visible underneath the brim. Ideally, the mother of the bride should have a bigger hat than the mother of the groom. As with the mother of the groom, the perfect choice is a cocktail hat. Continue reading

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Men’s hat – A must-have fashion accessory

P18319853A head covering such as a hat has been a part of fashion since time immemorial. Back in the days, primitive men used animal skin as a head covering. As time passes by, fashion has evolved significantly. It was in the 15th century that men were able to use a modern hat for fashion and functional purpose. Among the popular materials are leather, silk, taffeta, velvet, and felt.

Hats as a part of the naval and military uniform

In the 17th and 18th century, hats were used as a part of the naval and military uniform. One of the most popular hats during the day was tricorne, a hat that has a point facing forward. It keeps the rain off the face. Continue reading

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Top 6 headwear trend for men this year

il_570xN.926141141_mu9pWhen it comes to headwear, men are surely at the top of the list. Men love to wear different kind of headwear such as different styles of hats, bonnets, and bandanas/scarves. Many of them wear hat for styling and fashion while others wear it to hide the balding spots. Whatever your reasons are, you can surely find a great selection of hats. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 headwear for men that will surely be trending this year.

1 Baseball Cap

This headwear is no longer limited to sporty type. It is perfect even for men who simply just want to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. A baseball cap is the go to hat. If you are having a bad hair day or simply want to conceal a balding hair, then a baseball cap is all you need. It is a versatile headwear and every man must love wearing it. Continue reading

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Trendy hats to watch out for this year

slideshows-mens-standalone-gq-fashion-1008-how-to-buy-a-hat-00007fA hat has levelled up the fashion industry. Many people today can’t leave their home without wearing their hat. If you are a hat person, you surely want to know the types of hats that are going to be popular this year. They are as follows:

Furry hats – If you like furry stuff, then today is the best year to flaunt your furry hat. You can choose any colors you like but if you like safe colors the ideal choice would be white and grey.

Newsboy hats – It is a classic hat that you can wear year-round. It is not that effective in protecting the head from outside elements, but it helps you achieve a lovely statement.

Berets hats –The French beret hat is an all-time favorite. It exudes European look. You can wear it anywhere and anytime you want to. A beret hat can be made from different types of materials. So, you can rely on it both for function and statement purpose. Continue reading

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Hat styles to wear this winter 2018

x354-q80-1A hat is not just a piece of cloth. It is something that can protect you from extreme weather condition. Wearing it before you step outside can give you adequate protection from outside cold. It does not only serve its fashion purpose. It also protects the ears and the entire head. It has the ability to conserve body heat given the fact that most of the body heat escapes from the head. There are so many styles of hats to choose from. But the fashion trend changes every year and with every season. Come winter 2018, what hats are in? Do you want to find out? Keep on reading below.

Beret – It is the most preferred hat during wintertime. As a matter of fact, a lot of celebrities are spotted wearing a beret hat. It is a hat that can be worn from morning to night. It has the ability to retain body heat. Continue reading

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Choosing a winter hat for the gentlemen

batch_img_5230Wearing a hat is a must during wintertime. It prevents the heat from escaping from your head. As you know, about 90% of body heat escapes through the head. A winter hat is not only for protection and conserving body heat. It also plays a huge role in winter dressing getup. There are a few important roles to keep in mind when wearing a hat during wintertime. They are the following:

You have to know what’s going to work for in various situations and settings.

Bright colored hats are usually worn during extreme winter sports for easy search and rescue. If you are not going to participate in extreme winter sports, then you should tone down the color such as red and blue. Continue reading

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The best fashion hats for women

64c2c36f085fc2ab84a8cc4972436e6eFashion comes and goes but the impression you create on someone remains forever. That is why it is important to be fashionable at all times. When you meet a person the first thing you notice is the face. Hence, it is important to wear a hat that complements your style and personality. If you are just starting to wear a hat, you should choose a style you are most comfortable with. Consider these tips:

You can never go wrong in choosing a simple and timeless hat. As much as possible, you should have versatility in colors. Examples of timeless and classic hats are beanies and fedoras. With the color details, choose the basic ones such as black, brown, white, and beige. If you have extra budget, Continue reading

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Hats worn by famous celebrities

P18438832Wearing a hat is nothing new. People from all walks of life wear a hat for some reasons; to be comfortable, for protection, or simply for fashion purpose. Don’t you know that some of the famous celebrities are spotted wearing different kind of hats? You can’t blame them as there are plenty of beautiful hats to choose from. In fact, celebrities are the trendsetters. In this article, we are going to discuss a number of hats that without a doubt are highly fashionable and on trend.

Straw boater hat

A boater hat was tagged as a worker’s hat, but not anymore today. With so many styles and designs to choose from, boater hats are now extremely fashionable. There are boater hats with stud embellishments. Some have flower details. The choices are endless. You just need to choose the one that suits your style and personality. Continue reading

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How should ladies wear hats?

01Hats have been around since time immemorial. Ladies wear hats when attending special occasions. There are basic rules when it comes to choosing and wearing a hat. Being a lady, you need to be aware of those rules so that you will be able to look at your best when wearing a hat. There are different types of hats and different hats suit different people. The style, color, and embellishment work differently in terms of highlighting your features.

If your face is oval, you can get away with almost anything. If you are wearing a hat with a wide brim, you should tilt it a bit backward so that the hat can frame your face. If your face is round or square, you should slant the hat a bit, especially if it is a wide brim hat. If you are wearing glasses, you should wear a hat with an upturned brim style. That way, the hat won’t block your glasses. If your face is elongated, Continue reading

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Hats for men that never go out of style

Mad-Hatter-More-Hats-for-Everyone-2The hat is one of men’s favorite pieces. For some men, it is considered an accessory. For many, it is an essential piece of cloth. A hat is not only worn for style and fashion purpose. It is something that will definitely define one’s personality. The good news is there are plenty of hat designs to choose from. They come in various shapes, sizes, and fabric. Name it, there will always be a hat for your personality and style.

In this article, we are going to tackle hats that never go out of style. They are the following: Continue reading

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