How to make your hat looking brand new?

NEW ERA STRAW TRILBYA hat is one of the most versatile fashion pieces. You can easily change your look by simply wearing a hat. Not to mention, hats are inexpensive. Of course, with the exemption of designer hats which are a bit expensive. Regardless of the price, we all want to make sure that our hats are looking brand new, especially if it is our favorite hat.

One of the problems with hats is that they can harbor dirt easily. Without proper cleaning technique, the hat will eventually look dirty and old. In this article, we are going to tackle different ways to make your hat looking brand new. It all starts with making sure your hat is clean at all times. What to do if your hat gets dirty? Well, you might want to consider the following cleaning methods.

Wool and fur felt hats – Hats made from these materials are the most expensive. Therefore, making sure you are using the proper cleaning method is a must. To clean these hats, you need to use a soft bristle brush, steam cleaner, and a powdered cleaner.  Gently brush the hat starting from the top to bottom counter clockwise. After brushing away the dirt, you need to hang it to make sure that the hat will retain its shape. If your hat gets wet, see to it that you shake off all excess water before hanging.

Straw hats – This type of material tends to harbor dirt more easily compared to other materials. Cleaning the straw hat is easy with the help of a regular window cleaner. Spray some in your hat and then gently wipe with a spongy damp cloth. This is the perfect remedy for heavy stain. For regular cleaning, you can just brush the hat using a small whisk broom.

Suede leather hats – another expensive hat material is the suede leather. To clean your suede leather hat, you will need a slightly stiff bristle brush or a fine grit sandpaper. Gently brush your hat using a slightly stiff bristle brush so as to get rid of the dust and heavy dirt. Do it periodically to keep your suede leather hat looking brand new. For a matted suede leather, the best thing to do is to remove the dirt using a fine grit sandpaper.

Leather hats – This type of material is challenging to clean which is why it is important to invest in high-quality cleaning products. Make sure your leather hat is away from heat and moisture. The best products to use in leather hats include leather dressing such as mink oil and neatsfoot oil. Do not use saddle soap as it can dry out the leather material.

If you really want your hat to be looking brand new, then you need to invest in the best cleaning product. While we don’t want our hat to get dirty, we all know that dust and dirt are inevitable. Take into consideration the cleaning tips mentioned above for your hat to look brand new and last longer.

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