Top Five Hats for Teens

4405f2ec0a51037286a54fec18aa346fTeens are at the time of their life when they want to try something that would speak their personality. Gladly, hats are there to help them express themselves. There are so many types of hats to choose from but teens are a bit picky when it comes to wearing a hat. In this article, we are going to discuss the top five hats for teens.

Snapback – Many teens, especially male teens love this kind of hat. It is one of the favorite streetwear. You can also see it being worn by athletic people as well as hipsters who are trying to look cool. It is available in various colors but the dark ones are a more practical choice because it matches to almost anything.

Fitted cap – This kind of hat is all about ripping love. From a glance, it looks like its brother, snapback. However, a fitted cap exudes a vibrant spirit, which is perfect for teens.

Five panel – Unlike the fitted cap that has a young and vibrant spirit, the five-panel cap is more of a menswear. This is perfect for teens who are trying to look manly, more mature than their actual age. If you are fond of wearing a five-panel hat, make sure you go for bold patterns. After all, it is designed that way; to capture the attention of everyone.

Trucker hat – This type of hat may seem a perfect fit for the old soul but the teens today start to appreciate its style and appeal. Aside from the style, the trucker hat is also breathable and comfortable to wear.

Dad hat – From the name itself, you might think that this hat is only for dads but the truth is that there is a unique flair to this hat that makes it perfect even for teens. Dad hats usually have a logo on it but it is best to go for a logo-less hat.

The recommended ways to wear the hats mentioned above.

  • The hats mentioned above are very good for day to day use but one thing you should keep in mind and that is to never wear them on a date, especially when having a formal dinner/banquet.
  • Always make sure that the hat you wear perfectly matches your outfit. The hats mentioned above are perfect for day to day wear, especially for errands and weekends. Just think of hats as wearing a shirt. You surely don’t want to wear a shirt you are not comfortable with.
  • Make sure you keep everything clean. Aside from the fact that you don’t want to wear a dirty hat. It creates an impression of an ugly personality.
  • Be proud when wearing a hat. Be confident. Be bold. After all, the hat represents not just your style but your personality.

The hats mentioned above are just some of the hats preferred by teens. If you are going to search online, you will find a lot more. Whatever hats you choose just make sure you take into consideration the tips mentioned above.

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